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Recover a deleted worksheet from a workbench


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Hello Sanman - I had a follow-up question on this same subject.

I am able to 'Unarchive' a worksheet by using spy.pull, knowing the specific worksheet ID (fortunatley because it was used in a Organizer topic)

I want to confirm if there is a spy function that can retrieve 'Archived' worksheets inside a workbook?

Scenario: When I am using the 'Step-by-step.." code to push an Asset Tree in existing workbook, it archives the pre-existing worksheets. Ran into this in one of my use-cases (for Temp Mixing points asset tree I was showing you a while ago).

This can be a critical workflow step in my use-case for data-lab coding for 'unarchiving worksheet' whenever the asset tree needs an update from the end-users.


Adding some code snippets on how I am doing it today...

Thank you.





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When anything is deleted in Seeq, the Archived property gets set to "true".  You can use API reference and POST Archived as "false" property.  Check out this screenshot on how to do so.  You can also do this programatically using SDK as shown in this post:https://www.seeq.org/index.php?/forums/topic/1291-how-to-use-the-seeq-apisdk-in-pythonseeq-data-lab/


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Thanks Sanman .. the SDK reference will be rally helpful.

In the 'Step-by=step..' code for Aseet tree push, is there a way to prevent existing worksheets from getting archived ? (I originally thought it never did that but seeing it happen on my current workbook)

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