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Grouping to Align Signals to Select Conditions

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Seeq's grouping functionality is helpful when you want to align multiple conditions and signals, but a signal (or set of signals) only applies to a subset of the conditions.  Grouping a signal with a condition will only display that signal during the grouped condition. 

For example, here I have two temperature signals and a condition for each signal. I have used Profile Search to identify the profile for each signal I would like to compare.


When I use Chain View or Capsule Time, the default will cause both signals to show up during each capsule. In this Chain View, the information of Reactor Temperature 1 is not relevant during the Profile Reactor 3 condition and vice versa:


In order to view only the relevant signal information, I can use the grouping functionality in Chain View and Capsule Time to compare the relevant signals during each condition:

1) Select grouping in the toolbar. 

2) Navigate to the grouping icon next to the condition in the details pane and select the signal that corresponds to the condition. Select multiple signals, if necessary. 


I can also view this in Capsule Time.


As an additional option, I can overlay both signals using the One Lane and One Axis selections in the tool bar:




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