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Histogram of a signal for values during a capsule condition only


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I have a continuous time signal (say T) and a capsule defined by value search (eg. simple capsule Y>120) where Y is another signal.

I want to get the histogram of only the values of T that satisfy the the capsule condition, i.e.,

Get hist(T) from data pulled for all capsules where (Y(t)>120)



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One more comment on the post above:

The within() function is creating additional samples at the beginning and the end of the capsule. These additional sample have an effect on the calculations performed in the histogram. To avoid this you can use the remove() and inverse() function to remove parts of the data when the condition is not met:


In contrast to within() the remove() function will interpolate values if the distance between samples is less than the Maximum Interpolation setting of the signal. To avoid this when using remove you can combine the signal that the remove function creates with a signal that adds an "invalid" value at the beginning of each capsule so that the interpolation cannot be calculated:

$invalidsAtCapsuleStart = $condition.removeLongerThan(1wk).tosamples($c -> sample($c.startkey(), SCALAR.INVALID), 1s)


You can see the different behaviours of the three described methods in the screenshot:


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