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csv file doesn't support cloning

Yanmin Xu

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Hi Seeq,


I create a workbench analysis with parameters from imported .csv files. However, when I was trying to copy this analysis, the signals from the .csv file (and all calculation related to these signals) cannot be copied. 

Here is an example. signal $a is imported from csv, and singal $B02fi505 is form company database.  I just add them up and create a new signal $a+b02fi505. This workbook "Test" works good. 


However, when I try to duplicate this file, the imported csv file is broken. Both $a  and $a+b02fi505 signals are not functioning. Below are the copied analysis and the error msg 




Is there anyway to address this issue?  How to put the csv file in a "global address" that I can use in multiple analysis?

Thank you!




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Click the little letter "i" that is in a green circle, next to the csv import tag or the function.  The item properties will come up.

You will see a section called "Scope: This analysis only"  Click the Change link to make it global.  



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