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How do I replicate the pattern of a signal from the rolling latest cycle?


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Hi I have a control valve, whose percentage opening tag is available in SeeQ. I also have the flow rate (instantaneous value) and totalizer (that resets at 06:00 hrs everyday) tags available in SeeQ. Every time the flow rate becomes zero (irrespective of the valve opening, in case of SDV closure etc), when I line up back the system, I open the control valve very gradually, in order to avoid disturbances in my system.

Now, let's say on 1st Sep, post shutdown, valve is opened by 5% every 10 min until valve opening reaches 35% and then, by 8% until flow rate reaches a certain threshold. Now, I had a shutdown again on 6th Sep, and I'm in the process of lining up the valve similar to how it was done on 1st Sep. So, taking the 1st Sep line up case as a reference, how do I estimate the flow rate this time until I reach the previous opening percentage?? That means, let's say, at 09:00 hrs today, my valve opening is at 35%, I want to replicate the flow rate increasing pattern from here considering 1st sep 35% valve opening case. So, I would take the totalizer current value till 09:00 hrs and add approximate estimate for the rest of the period until next day morning 06:00 hrs, based on the flow pattern as explained above.

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This seems like a use case that would greatly benefit from being able to share screens and view the raw signals. Could you please schedule a time at office hours for one of our Analytics Engineers to work through this scenario with you 



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