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Delete signals in DataLab


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I am having trouble removing signals from DataLab.  I tried this, and it looks like it set all signals to ARCHIVE:


Notice the ID 18B29A83-783F-475D-B2BB-7ACF2BFB8362 for QCS_BasisWeight_RampCond says it is Archived:


However, in WorkBench the same ID shows it is not archived:


How can I use DataLab to remove/delete/archive signals?

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Pat,

Did you spy.push the dataframe back to Seeq after the Data Lab screenshots you show here? You set the Archived value in Data Lab, but it doesn't actually occur in Seeq until you push that metadata back to Seeq. 

So you'll want to add a line of



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