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PowerBI Scheduled Refresh Best Practices

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  • Super Seeqer

The following is a mini-guide on best practices for setting up a scheduled refresh of an oData in PowerBI 

Step 1: Configure your exports using the "Auto-Update" option. This is an important step and makes sure that whenever the powerbi service requests data from Seeq that the data range window updates to "now"




Step 2: Create an access key and authenticate with the access key in powerbi to begin building your dashboards. 



Step 3: Publish to your PowerBI workspace of choice



Step 4: In your PowerBI workspace open up the settings for your dataset 



Step 5: For each export included in your dataset click the edit credentials link and then enter your access key information from Step 2. Click Sign In to verify the information 



Step 6: Configure your Scheduled Refresh cadence and click Apply



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