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Using "Git" to provide version control of connector configuration?

Jeff Skarda

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Has anyone used Git Version control for any of the various JSON files as it pertains to data connector configuration? Any other tips/tricks out there?

One of our main connector types is SQL. The JSON connector is many many lines long due to all the various queries made to different SQL servers. Was tempted to use "Git" to provide version control over this connector file and easily see/track changes made to it. I already use VS Code to update/edit it so tempted to just use git init on the ../configuration/link/ folder. Is this reasonable any other tips/tricks for version control of this file? 

This might be an issue as well where this line will update with re-indexing. 

    "Indexing" : {
      "Frequency" : "1w",
      "OnStartupAndConfigChange" : false,
      "Next" : "2022-09-29T15:00:05.071Z"


Any other tips/tricks of version control of connector files from other admins from other companies? 


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Hello Jeff,

In our regulated industry, we rely on Git for version control of connector files. Git enables us to track changes systematically, ensuring transparency in our file history.

We've implemented a structured review and approval process for pull requests. This ensures that any modifications align with regulatory requirements and adhere to our standards before being merged into the main branch. This approach enhances collaboration, maintains code quality, and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

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