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Problems with setproperty (No variant of function 'setproperty' consumes the parameters


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I am running into an issue while trying to assign property values to existing conditions. I've been trying to figure this out on my own for a while - there are a lot of great resources out there but I am still stuck.  I'm not able to share snapshots of my actual production data, but I was able to replicate the issue using the "example" dataset.  In the Attached image, I am looking at the 'Viscosity-Seeq' and 'BatchID-Seeq' signals.

I created a condition for the BatchID using the formula      $bs.tocondition('BATCH_ID')

Then for this example, I am trying to assign the property of 'visc avg' to the BATCH_ID condition (called $bitc)

$bitc.setproperty('visc avg', $vs, average())

However, I keep getting the error message of No variant of function 'setproperty' consumes the parameters (Condition, Scalar, Signal, Stat:Sample:Scalar) at 'setproperty'

I'm sure I will embarrass myself once I figure out what I have done wrong, but at the moment I am very confused. I used this recent post, as well as many others for inspiration and troubleshooting.



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  • Seeq Team

Hello there, 

I followed your work step and it works. the error you're seeing related to parameter specified in setproperty formula. 

can you try again using this formula : $bitc.setMaximumDuration(10d).setproperty('visc avg', $vs, average()). 

$bitc is your Batch ID condition which was created using  $bs.tocondition('BATCH_ID')

$vs is the Viscosity-Seeq signal

Let me know if this works. 


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  • Seeq Team

Hey Red,


I'm curious what the formula search documentation for setProperty() looks like for you? Are you able to take/send a screenshot?


I'm able to see internally that the ability to use setProperty() in the way you're attempting (along with the other posts you've referenced) is a capability/feature in Seeq as of version R51. Prior to R51, this method will not work, as is being demonstrated with your error. Has your organization considered upgrading? There are many new features that you could be taking advantage of (see more details of What's New)! Reach out to your Seeq contact or support@seeq.com to get the upgrade process started.


The point made above is also found in this other seeq.org post: 



For reference, below is what the setProperty() documentation looks like as of version R58. It could be that the only variation you're able to use in your version is

$condition.setProperty(propertyName, value)



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Checking the version was both very obvious and very smart.  Up to this point I had assumed my organization was using the latest version, lol. I will inquire about an upgrade, but my organization is fairly large and consequently slow to change.

I'll try to find some V50 examples and make another attempt.

Thanks again!


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  • Seeq Team

The third example in your documentation image seems to be the equivalent... It's pretty evident why .setProperty() was enhanced! Until your server is upgraded, you'll likely have to use that $condition.transform() method to add signal-referenced, statistical property values to capsules.

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