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Merge/join capsules within a condition

Micah Veith

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Hi All,

I'm trying to merge/join a group of capsules when they occur within another capsule/condition. For example, I would like to merge capsule A when they occur within capsule B. C is the desired output.

Input A:   |--A--|   |---A---|       |--A--|        |-A-|      |---A---|       |--A--|   |---A---|

Input B: |-------------B-----------------|                |----------------B-----------------| 

Output:   |-------------C-------------|                      |---------------C-------------|

It seems like it should be relatively simple but I can't figure out how to achieve this. 

Any help is appreciated!

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  • Micah Veith changed the title to Merge/join capsules within a condition

Hi Micah,

you can do this with a transform:

$inputB.transform($capsule -> {
  $capsulesOfInputA = $inputA.removeLongerThan(1wk).toGroup($capsule)
  $start = $capsulesOfInputA.first().startKey()
  $end = $capsulesOfInputA.last().endKey()
  capsule(max($start, $capsule.startKey()), min($end, $capsule.endKey()))

As the capsules for the output can only be as long as the capsules of Input B, I am using max() and min() to reduce the capsule length if capsules of Input A overlap with the beginning or end of a capsule of Input B (see first result).





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