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Copy DataLab script to another project


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What is the best way to copy a DataLab script from one project to another?  

In my case I have folders with the Workbench, Organizer, and DataLab that I need for a particular project.  I can duplicate the folder, which copies the Workbench and Organizer, but does not create a DataLab project in that folder.  When I create the DataLab project, I want to copy DataLab script from the prior project.  If go to the prior project, make duplicates of the scripts, and try to use Move from the prior project, it asks for the directory path.  I don't know what to enter.


I can always open each script, save it to a local disk, then go to the new DataLab project and upload.  I assumed Move would be a better way to do it.  Anyone know how to make this work?



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Pat,

While you cannot move files between SDL projects in this manner, there are a couple options that I use to make this process easier:

1. To simply copy numerous files/folders from one project to another, I like to make a zip archive of the files I want to move so I only have to download/upload one file between projects. You can do this by opening a terminal window in the source SDL project and using the 'zip' command to make a zip file. If you want to zip up the whole project except for the SPy Documentation folder, you can use this command:

zip -r archive.zip . -x ".*" -x "SPy Documentation/*"

You can then download the resulting archive.zip file from your source project and upload it into the destination project. In your destination project, open a new terminal window and use the following command to unzip the archive:

unzip archive.zip

2. Alternatively,  If you've created a common set of scripts that you would like to keep in sync with version control, consider using git to do your tracking / copying. Just be aware that there is a moderate learning curve going down this path. Starting in R58 with JupyterLab, there is a GUI interface for git that lowers the barrier to entry.

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