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Dynamic Attributes for Asset Tree

Chase E

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I am trying to make an asset tree for my plant. Basically, I want to build a structure that contains the signals for different sections of my plant. However, these different sections have very little similarity. When I look at the documentation on Jupiter lab for building assets, each time an asset must be built, you must also build a custom class with pre-defined attributes for each asset. However, I do not want to build assets that have predefined attributes. Rather I want to build an asset for each major piece of equipment, and then have the flexibility to upload whatever signals are available for that given piece of equipment, without being confined to certain types of predefined signals.

Is there a way to bulk create and upload an asset tree such that I have the flexibility to associate a dynamic number and type of attributes for each asset?


So, for example, I would like the following structure for an asset tree, and I'm hoping to be able to do it with one bulk upload:

Furnace 1: 2 temperature signal, 1 flow rate signal, 1 analyzer signal

Furnace 2: 1 temperature signal, 2 flow rate signal, 2 analyzer signal

Reactor: 4 flow rate signal, 1 temperature signal

Compressor: 2 pressure tags

Pump: 4 pressure tags

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  • Seeq Team

There are two main ways to construct asset trees using SPy:

  1. spy.assets using python class-based templates (Asset Trees 2 notebook in the documentation)
  2. spy.assets.Tree using simpler function-based construction (Asset Trees 1 notebook in the documentation)

It sounds like your use-case would make better use of the second spy.assets.Trees option, which does not require you to predefine the possible 'slots' for signals/conditions. Take a read of the linked spy.assets.Trees documentation and see if that will work for you.

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