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Importing discontinuous signals

Yanmin Xu

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Hi Seeq,


I am wondering how to deal with the discontinous signal in the csv file.


Lets say if I am importing signals (ABCD) like this



Is there an option that Seeq can treat the blank cells "as the previous value"? like auto filling the blank cells as below (in red), so once imported in Seeq, it becomes a continuous signal?







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  • Seeq Team

Hello Yanmin,

Do you want to replace the blank or just visually see that in the trend? If the latter, in the Import CSV tool, you can use "Step" in Interpolation method if the signal is step interpolated. Also, make sure you use the right amount of hours in the Max Interpolation. In your case, 48h should be sufficient.



Is this what you were looking for?


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