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Discrete signal into continuous

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Is that a way where I can change a discrete signal into a continuous one? Below I managed to get only the last result from a group of discrete signals, and I would like to use this last result in a continuous calculation (where only the last result should be used). I can't interpolate because it's only one result, so I don't know how to do it...Could you help me?


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  • Seeq Team

Hello Jessica, 

You can use the Formula tool to transform any signal to continuous (tolinear()), discrete (todiscrete()) and step (tostep()). You also need to be careful about the max interpolation period between samples. You can add that parameter as an argument in the formula. For example: $temp.tolinear(24h). 

Can you please test these formulas and let me know if this works. 

Have a good day, 


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