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Creating Formulas in Seeq using Seeq Data Lab

Martin Pieronek

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Good afternoon,


Is it possible to create a Seeq formula from Seeq Data Lab.


I am trying to find a quick way of mass creating formulas for many Seeq tags.


For example if I have 50 temperature tags: TI-101, TI-102, …. TI-150.


Now suppose I’d like to create 50 formulas where I am calculating the temperature rate of change for each of the tags above: $a.derivative(), where $a is the temperature tag.


Once this is done I have 10 more plants to do. I’d rather not spend a long time copying and pasting formulas.


I was thinking if I can have a code set up in Seeq Data Lab, then I can automate the process. I am also open to any other suggestions you may have.

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Hi Martin, 

yes, this is possible with SDL. Here is an example:

# Search for signals
signals = spy.search({"Name":"cdt158*"})


metadata = signals.copy()

# Specify new Name by creating one based on the Original Name
metadata["OriginalName"] = metadata["Name"]
metadata["Name"] = "Derivative of " + metadata["Name"]

# Attach column with Seeq Formula
metadata["Formula"] = "$signal.derivative()"

# Attach column with parameters for the Formula
metadata["Formula Parameters"] = "$signal =" + metadata["ID"]

# Remove ID Column, otherwise Seeq will try to update the original signal and not create a new one 
metadata = metadata.drop(columns=["ID", "OriginalName"])

The metadata DataFrame looks like this:

# Push metadata to Seeq
spy.push(metadata=metadata, worksheet="METADATA")

When opening the link that spy.push generated, you can view the results within Workbench:

Let me know it this works for you.



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