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Creating a condition for multiple values


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Hello everyone!

I’d like to thank you all for your efforts. 

my case is as follows:

I have a HUGE list of temperature signals in seeq. I’d like to automate sending an email whenever the rate of change of one signal is bigger than the value “10” for example. And this rate of change stays for an hour (i.e. not a spike). 

for a start, I tried to make a condition but I see that conditions only take one signal but I’d like to apply this condition to ALL signals. Is this doable without using Data Lab & Python?

Also, is my overall case doable without Data Lab?

I’m not that fluent with computers so I’d appreciate any help!



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  • Seeq Team

Hi Jacob,

You can do this without Data Lab and Python, but it would be manual to either (1) build a condition for each signal or (2) string together all the signals in a single formula. For example, the formula may look like this:

($temperature1.derivative()>10).removeshorterthan(1h) or ($temperature2.derivative()>10).removeshorterthan(1h) ... or ($temperatureN.derivative()>10).removeshorterthan(1h)

I used derivative in the above, but you could also use runningdelta or equivalent depending on exactly how you want to define your rate of change.

In Data Lab, you could automate the process by spy.search-ing for your list of temperature tags, and then either combining them into a single formula as above or creating the same formula for each tag, then using spy.push to create it in Seeq Workbench. If you're less fluent with computers, I'd probably recommend the non-Data Lab manual approach, unless you have a colleague that might be more fluent that could help you.

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