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Compute Sum of Month until yesterday


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Hello together,

I have the following question:

How can I compute the sum of a month until yesterday? The first signal is a production volume in [t] per day, which automatically writes the same value from yesterday 06:00 further into now until its value is changed again at 06:00 of the next day (black dotted line). The second signal is an energy volume in [t] per day, which updates its value automatically to the actual now value (red bar).

What I want is, to compute the sum of each signal (a sum for signal 1 and a sum for signal 2) per month, but without the current value, i.e., only until yesterday 06:00. If I just compute the sum per month, also the now value is taken into account but thats incorrect.

Any ideas? Thank you very much.




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I created a synthetic case in workbench trying to follow your requirements for one signal so that you can adapt it to your situation. Please find below the workflow and code in formula:



The associated results for the last three months are as follow:



Note that the monthly sum of March is still uncertain (showed as a vertical bar with dashed lines) because the current month has not finished yet (03/17/2023). There are other ways to approach this situation, but the current methodology minimizes the uncertainty.

Hope this helps you.






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