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Using Aggregate to average a signal based on duration of multiple capsules.


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New to SEEQ.

Trying to get an average of a signal (analyzer stream) based on the duration of another signal (making in 401,402, 403) or multiple signals/capsules (making in tank 401, making in tank 402, making in tank 403. I have combined 3 other signals to form a single signal, which seems will work, but still don't have correct formula to execute properly. See attachments for attempts made and error message.Capture1.thumb.JPG.c00655fea48d2bfa208185760e87fcc0.JPGCapture1.thumb.JPG.c00655fea48d2bfa208185760e87fcc0.JPGCapture1.thumb.JPG.c00655fea48d2bfa208185760e87fcc0.JPGCapture2.thumb.JPG.0a2d164ad261dc4d565254f69a72568f.JPG

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Dano, 

The removeLongerThan function only works on a Condition. In your screenshots, the selected $b (Making in 401, 402, 403) in your Formula is a Signal, and this is causing the error you encountered when executing the Formula. Kindly change the $b variable to the "Making 401, 402, 403" condition (the purple color condition in your screenshot) and re-execute the Formula. The symbol of Signal and Condition under the variable selection pane of the Formula tool is different and you can refer to the symbol to check the item type of each variable. 


Kin How

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