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Change size of Y axis?

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I am attempting to overlay a numerical value (wind direction in deg from N) with the cardinal directions (N, NNW, NW, etc). I have used the toStates() function with "group" to convert the number into a string, but I cannot get the Y-axis for the string value to "line up" with the numerical value (or vice versa). See attached image.

Is there a way to change the size of the axis or otherwise get them to line up as indicated by the arrows?




2023-03-29 08_56_58-Window.png

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  • Seeq Team

Hi David,

It seems the handling of enum signals involves providing some buffer from the edges of the lane, which is not configurable.  I was able to produce a fairly good alignment by using the Customize > Axis settings in the Details panel to turn of Auto scaling of the numeric signal and set the min and max to -90 and 450, resp.:


This will work as long as all enum values appear in the time range of interest but will produce misalignment if a proper subset of these is in the time range, because for enums the axis is only labeled with the values of those enums that are found in the time range.  Hopefully this works for your visualization; if not, it may make sense to file a support ticket for a feature request to have more control over the visualization of enumerated data.

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