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Retrieve old calculation from the "calculation hyerarchy" or somehwere else?

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i'm working on a workbench, with some worksheets. i sometimes delete a calculation/condition to clean up, but sometimes i would like to add it back. i can find them still and read the definition (on calc hyerarchy, and sometimes on recent used), but if not on recently used don't know how to add them back. is it possible?

thank you

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Hi Margarida,

The calculation hierarchy is based on what you currently have in your details pane. You are on the right track to find previously created Seeq calculations that have since removed with the recently accessed.

A couple tips for finding items once removed:

  • Click and expand your recently accessed items to get a more complete list:
    • image.png
  • This is a great place to take advantage of the journal in Seeq. Before removing items from the display, create item and or workstep links in your journal to quickly access the items once removed. 
    • image.png
  • Finally, you can always search for the items if you recall the name. Removing the items from the details pane does not delete them. This will of course require that you recall the name (at least in part) of the item. (tip: make sure to click reset prior to searching to ensure you are not searching a subset of data in an asset tree)
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