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Formatting Conditional table


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Good morning. 

I'm working on a conditional table, and I was looking for a way to have the newest data at the top of the table instead of the bottom. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to get this done. My end goal is to make an auto updating table with the new data being added to the top of the table to the end users wouldn't need to scroll to the bottom to get the day's data. 

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  • Seeq Team


Thank you for your question!

To have the latest data at the top of the table you can make use of the sorting functionality.

First, add the start time of the capsule as a column;


Then, click the three dots icon on the start column, and you will be able to sort by descending.


If the table looks too busy then you can modify the header by using the 'Headers' icon and displaying 'None' or a 'Capsule Property', for example.

Please let me know if that helps or if you have any further questions.

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