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How to return the duration of a 'signal from condition' in the SEEQ formula function?

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I am trying to get the duration of a capsule (specified as a value search from a signal) and multiply it by a scalar. I was going to use the duration function but this is returning an error message. Do you know how I can return the duration of a capsule?



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Hi Sophie, 

the function duration() can only be applied on capsules, not on conditions. You can calculate the duration for each capsule of the condition using the "Signal from Condition" tool. The resulting value can be used within a formula to multiply it by a scalar as you intended. 

When using the "Signal from condition" Tool you can always have a look at the formula the tool is creating in the background or duplicate it to a formula that you may use for further calculations. This is a good starting point for the more advanced use of the formula language.



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