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IF - THEN formula building

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Dear All,

In python I have the following logic what I'd like to translate to Seeq formula.

np.where((testdf['Signal_1']) < 0, testdf['Signal_2'], np.where((testdf['Signal_1']) < 30, testdf['Signal_2'], testdf['Signal_1']))

I know it would possible with capsules but it is only one leg of the whole solution and I think it's obscure to have 20-30 capsules for only one calculation what we use at others too.


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Hi Akos, 

if I understood the code correctly it returns "Signal_2" everytime "Signal_1" is below 30, otherwise "Signal_1" will be returned. In Seeq you could use

$signal1.splice($signal2, $signal1 < 30)

for that.

You may also have a look at this post:



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