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Valve status check for Batch step process

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An oil and gas engineer would like to reproduce below Batch monitoring table for vessels in Seeq. Green color indicates that the valve for the respective batch step is open, while red color indicates the valve status is close.


1. Use Condition with Properties to create conditions with regen steps as property name.  image.thumb.png.bfaa2cd948300b1dac2a44c7519be16f.png

2. Define the respective valves position at each regen step.

$Running = ($Prod_Valve ~= "Open").intersect($Step.keep('Batch Step',isEqualTo('RUNNING')))
$Isopropyl = ($Prod_Valve ~= "Open").intersect($Step.keep('Batch Step',isEqualTo('ISOPROPYL FLUSH')))
$Startup = ($Prod_Valve ~= "Open").intersect($Step.keep('Batch Step',isEqualTo('STARTUP')))
$Down = ($Prod_Valve ~= "Close").intersect($Step.keep('Batch Step',isEqualTo('DOWN')))



3. Create a scorecard metric with colour threshold for each valve: 

  • Count =1; Green – good with single valve opening 
  • Count >1 or <1; Red – alarm as potential multiple valves opening or issue with signal status  


4. In condition Table view, select the Capsule Property at the Headers.


Optionally, the count value can be hidden by editing


in the Number Format in the Item Properties as shown below. 



With this method, if all the valves indicates green means the valve Open/Close correctly. Thus user just need to focus on the red indicator. 

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