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Issues displaying capsule properties

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A couple of issues when it comes to capsule properties:

  1. When trying to display a custom calculated property as a part of a table with assets, I get this error:
    property for reference: .setProperty("Max Pressure",$p,maxValue()), where $p is Pressure tag in kPa
    It works fine, when i take the add column approach and select pressure as a signal and hit max. Sometimes, the capsule property ends up correctly displaying but not after throwing a whole bunch of these errors.

  2. This capsule property does not exist for all conditions under all assets, even for the same named condition. I would expect the table to leave blanks for those cells, but instead it filters them out of the table completely. So if I want to display all conditions, I would have to make two tables: one that shows the properties that have them and one for conditions that don't have the property.
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I would also like to avoid putting in dummy values like -999 for the other signals that don't have a pressure tag associated. Is there a way to assign a property of null/NaN? I'm thinking something like .setProperty("Max Pressure", "") but it would not be recognized as a string.

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  • Seeq Team

Hello Tayyab,

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Regarding your first point, there could be a number of reasons for this error and I think the most efficient way to troubleshoot would be for you to join an office hours appointment. Is there a time that is convenient for you?

About your second point, I will raise this as a feature request on your behalf.

Edited by Fiona Guinee
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