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Pushing from Datalab to a shared workbench


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I am working collaboratively with another team member on a workbench and datalab project - both of which is currently shared with full access rights ('manage').

Can the spy.push syntax use a shared folder path (I understand there is also a workbook ID input argument support in spy.push but wanted to confirm if the path context method is feasible for shared workbenches) ?



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  • Seeq Team

The challenge with specifying a shared folder by Path is that to the owner of the content, the workbook will show up in their own folder, while to the shared user it will show up in their Shared Folder. This means you'd have to specify a different path based on who was running the code.

The easiest method would be to specify the workbook by ID. If you really need to specify by name, I'd suggest doing a spy.search or spy.workbooks.search to get the ID, and then use that as the argument in your push:


Another alternative would be to have the workbook live in the Corporate folder. The docstring for spy.push shows how you can push to workbooks in the Corporate folder:

f'{spy.workbooks.CORPORATE} >> MySubfolder >> MyWorkbook'
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