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Is Seeq able to create the graph below?  Note that the left-hand side plots the yearly average, while the right-hand side plots the monthly average.  Ideally I would like this all displayed on one graph.


Currently, our only workaround is to create 2 separate graphs (one for the yearly averages and one for the monthly averages) and display them side by side.

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Curious George-

A similar graph can be created in Seeq using a combination of Conditions and Capsule Time.
For the above, I used Periodic Condition and Signal from Condition to make monthly and yearly averages. Then I used one Custom Condition to create a capsule around the beginning of each year (where the annual average data point is recorded). I created a second Custom Condition of the current year, then filtered my monthly averages within that second Custom Condition through Formula. 

Each year, the user would update this by updating the two Custom Conditions.

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