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Change an Existing Displayed Trace


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Hello - I've searched but not found - this seems, to me at least, an abvious question but I can find no way to do it.  In the example below (existing_traces.png) I have three traces - If I want to edit e.g. the histogram (number of buckets etc.)  I can't see a way of going back to the screen i used to create it in the first place (original_histogram_window.png).

If I click on the (i) in the details tab I then see all the underlying code under item properties (properties_pane.png) but what I want to get to is the original screeen of "Overview >>Historgram" where I can change the number of boxes etc.

The only way I can see to do it is to delete the historgam and start again - this seems a long way round.  Intuitively I would expect to be be able to "right click" or "long click" on the historgram and get a context sensitive menu to get to the overview>>histogram page

Am I missing somthing obvious?




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