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Using a Dimension Other Than Time

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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the question. Seeq is designed for this, but, it is not exposed at this time. A common use case is distributed temperature sensors (DTS)--common in Oil&Gas, measuring temperature as a function of distance in a well. 

There's a trick that can be done for now. Convert your non-time dimension, say distance, to some arbitrary time. For example, say I get a DTS output in CSV format 10 times a day. Maybe 1000 measurements, over 10,000 meters. For the first measurement, use the timestamp of the time the DTS measurement completed, subsequent timestamps could be each second--a second would represent 10 meters in this example. Create a capsule that covers the "length" of the measurement. 

Admittedly, this is a hack, but you can use capsule view to plot each DTS output on the same plot. We have used this for other situations.

Let us know how this works. We are collecting customer needs on true support of non-time dimensions. This will get into Seeq eventually, and the more requests we get the sooner we will do this. 

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I'd be interested in knowing a little bit more about your use case; any additional details you can provide would be helpful.


In addition to Jon's suggestion, another idea may be to use the Scatterplot feature.  Plotting your data in Scatterplot allows you to use a dimension other than time on the x-axis. 

Navigate to Scatterplot from the trend view:



Specify the signal to display on the x-axis and the y-axis:



To draw a line through the points over time, click the 'Connect' button:



Please let me know if you have any additional questions





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Hello Lindsey and Jon,


Thanks for the help. My use case is exactly as Jon had mentioned- we have various temperature sensors positioned at different distances along a reactor and want to know how the reactor temperature is changing with time and distance. Jon's suggestion worked out great. Is there any way to change the units on the time axis in capsule view?

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Guest Jon Peterson

Hi Gerald,

At this time we can't change the x-axis units. But, very likely in the future we'll have proper support of this. We'll make sure we add you to the list looking for this support. Others please chime in if you are interested...



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