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Power BI and SEEQ compatibility

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Thanks for reaching out. The short answer is yes and you can find more information about that in our KB page here:


Please kindly note that the data is static so to refresh the dashboard or analysis you must re-export OData for the new time-period, trends, and calculations as desired. This issue is currently backlogged in our internal work item (   CRAB-8611 BACKLOG  ) and will be in our release early this year in which you will be notified accordingly.

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We use SEEQ in our company to do calculation for our data from PI Historian. I would like to transfer the calculated data into MS Power BI to be incorporated into various dashboards. I can see that I can export data from SEEQ to MS Power BI through OData export and I have tried that successfully. My question is that how to automate this export, so that the data is automatically sent to MS Power BI on certain period without the needs to someone to export it manually. 

Many thanks,

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Leonardw,

You will see in the OData Export Knowledge Base article (https://support.seeq.com/space/KB/112868662/OData%20Export) that there is an option for an auto-updating OData feed. This feature requires a premium license so if you do not have that feature available, please contact your Seeq Sales Executive for more details on the premium license. If you are unsure of your Seeq Sales Executive, please private message me what company you work for and I can point you to the correct person.

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I wanted to use the OData export feature to PowerBI feature but I am having issues to login.
We have single sign on in our company. I tried my windows login as well as the original login I had before we got single sign on set up; non worked.

Wondering if that is something someone can help me figure out or confirm if perhaps our IS team need to provide me some login credentials ?

Thanks in advance


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thanks. That seems to work.

I am running an issue where I have "duplicate" exports and that prevents me from loading the export all together. 
-> Is there a way to delete exports if i am NOT an admin?
-> Also, is Seeq creating an export duplicate if i try to "export ODATA" of a workbench twice let's say?


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  • Super Seeqer


There is not currently a way to delete oData exports for non-admins. However, the exports do not put any load on the Seeq system unless they are being used by an external system (PowerBI, Tableau, etc) 

To answer your second question we are creating a new export url endpoint every time someone runs the tool in workbench. These oData feeds are in active development and we have plans for making the creation and maintenance of them easier in upcoming releases. 

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Hi everyone.

I got an issue while using OData Export to visualize my data on Power BI.

After using an access key, I got this error message:

It says: 
Unable to Connect We encountered an error while attempting to connect. Details: "The feed metadata document does not appear to be valid. Error: A type has conflicting definitions for the property max"

What might I have done incorrectly ?
Thanks for your responses,


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