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How to swap calculations across different assets in all production lines


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We noticed today that if you duplicate a worksheet within a book, you cannot change the tags without affecting the 1st worksheet. Is there a way to separate the worksheets so we can have the same calculations but for a different base dataset? We are trying to make this report for all of our production lines.

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Thanks for confirmation. So there are two options:

1- Quick solution: If the number of assets that you want to apply the same analysis for is not that many, you can create a copy of each formula and use that in the new worksheet if you want them to be different. Or make a copy of the entire Analysis (Workbemch) and connect it to the new dataset. When you 'Duplicate' worksheets it keeps all the objects the same.

2- Long term solution: If the number of similar assets at different sites are too many, create an asset tree to enable you and your team to swap calculations by just clicking a button. You can find more information on this here:


If you decided to go with solution #2, please let us know, as you may need Seeq analytics engineer support to set up the asset tree.

Hope it helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.



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I have a question which may be added to this discussion.

If we create a Separate worksheet by duplicating a original worksheet.

If I try to Swap assets, it works very well. (As I have arranged the tags in asset format).

However, some of formula based values like Static High limit, Static Low limits do not swap, Static Out of bound capsule (based on deviation search of High and Low limit) do not swap. Is there any workaround this?





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