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Finding Rate of Change while omitting the data when machine is off

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I have two sets of data, the speed and the thrust. When the speed is zero, the machine is off. I am trying to find the rate of change of the thrust when the machine is on. How can I find the rate of change while ignoring the data when the machine is off? Please advises.  

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  • Seeq Team

To accomplish this I would first create a condition that identifies when the machine is off (marking the data you want to remove), and then use the remove function in Formula to remove the data that's present in that condition. In one formula this could look like:

$thrust.remove($speed < 0)

You can then find the rate of change on this cleansed signal using something like the derivative() function.

Note that there are two functions that are commonly used to remove downtime periods in Seeq: remove(), and within(). There are subtle differences in their behavior. You can refer to this post to understand those differentiators: 

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