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Scheduling multiple notebooks to execute in a sequence using spy.job.schedules


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I have two notebooks that have to have to be run at a cadence of every 6 months - the first notebook's output (image files) is used by the second notebook (to push the image files to an organizer topic).

I scheduled two jobs with separate spy.jobs.schedule function calls using the url of the corresponding notebook, staggering the schedule time to be an hour apart. Attached below are some code snippets showing the two cells of code that scheduled the jobs separately.

However, when the scheduled time was reached, Datalab executed the second notebook only (the Job_Results folder contained the execution snapshot of the second notebook corresponding to Job2_notebook_url only).

Is this a limitation of the current Datalab architecture i.e. only a single notebook can be scheduled to run for one datalab project ?





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Data Lab allows for multiple jobs to be scheduled in the same project. Each job should create a separate executor.0.html file in the _Job Results folder after the job has run. Are you sure that your first job was scheduled correctly? The attached screenshots don't show the full schedule confirmation & detail so it is hard for me to tell.

If you are still having issues, feel free to create a support ticket at https://support.seeq.com/ so we can troubleshoot further!

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Thanks Mark for confirming that it is not a limitation to have multiple jobs - I will double check and make sure there is no other issues with the notebook/schedule command stoping it from executing.

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