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Pushing an asset tree globally when using spy.assets.Tree() ?

Martin Boden

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When generating an asset tree using spy.assets.build() and specifying workbook=None as below I have no problem pushing the tree globally.

from my_asset_definition import MyPlant

# Assign a blank Build Path because we are creating a top-level node
metadata_df["Build Path"] = None

# There will only be one Build Asset -- all other sub-assets will be created by Components in our class definitions
metadata_df["Build Asset"] = "Test Plant"

build_df = spy.assets.build(MyPlant, metadata_df)
spy.push(metadata=build_df, workbook=None)

Pushed successfully to datasource Seeq Data Lab [Datasource ID: Seeq Data Lab] and globally scoped.

However, when I try to push trees globally using the spy.assets.Tree() approach, with the tree defined in a csv, the tree gets pushed to Data Lab Analysis - From Data Lab

my_csv_tree = spy.assets.Tree("asset_tree.csv", workbook=None)

Pushed successfully to datasource Seeq Data Lab [Datasource ID: Seeq Data Lab] and scoped to workbook ID DDB8CEA5-6B25-46F0-9C56-237B40338FB6

I gathered that workbook=None  is overwritten in this case by the default workbook path as defined in _common.py

DEFAULT_WORKBOOK_PATH = 'Data Lab >> Data Lab Analysis'

How can I ensure that workbook=None properly pushes the tree globally when using the CSV approach to generating asset trees?

Thank you in advance

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  • Seeq Team


What you're specifying should indeed push the tree globally. Potentially another option would be to set the workbook after construction using my_csv_tree.workbook = None, but that shouldn't be nessisary.

I don't suppose the version of SPy that you're using is before 184.3? There were some important bug fixes for globally pushing trees in that release. (Your version can be found using spy.__version__ or pip show seeq.)


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  • 11 months later...

How do you remove signals after you have pushed a signal globally in the method listed above? We have a tree that we want to keep but a few of the signals pushed were just test signals that I would like to remove.  

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