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How to analysis of time series data and every-batch data and material data


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I'm trying to analyze following data by joining them:

1. Process data: Time series data in a batch

2. Result of process: Quality data for every batch

3. Physical caractoristics of materials: material properties put into every batch

#1 is available for Seeq of course, and #2 is also a type of time series data. But how about #3?  How can you use data like #3 on Seeq?

Please let me know ways to analyze such data on WORK BENCH or DATA LAB.

Thank you!

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  • Seeq Team


Generally for both #2 and #3, we often will bring the data in as capsules with capsule properties. It ultimately depends on how your system reports it, but typically the data is often reported as a time series of when the test is run (e.g. when the material property is recorded or quality data is run) and/or when the material is used (e.g. when you add a material to the batch, it will record what lot number you used and how much). Obviously it depends a bit on what and when your data is recorded, but Seeq has a number of tools to move the timeseries to align with when you want them as long as there is some logic that we can attach to (such as X batch ID had Y material number, which then had Z property value. There's some examples of this time alignment available at the article below - you specifically may want to look at #4: 


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Hi Joe,

Thank you for your advice. I think the example #4 may be close to my issue. In case batch "X" has material lot "Y" and "Y" has property values "Z", I will need to some feature values from batch "X" and join material properties onto one table as below:

batch feature-1 feature-2 material property-1 material property-2
B1 x1 y1 m11 m21
B2 x2 y2 m12 m22
B3 x3 y3 m13 m23

I wonder if I can do all data processes on SeeQ or not.

1 calculate features from each bach

2 read material data table on SeeQ (non time-series data)

3 join batch feature table and material properties by material lot number

Step1 is possible to realize on SeeQ. How about step2 and 3? I need to export feature table and join material table outside SeeQ, or can do all on SeeQ?   

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