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Seeq Asset Tree - Multiple Search Results Found First Result Used

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I'm currently working on daily reports for different facilities across our business. I have been adding signals to an asset tree structure within a .csv file and using Jupyter Notebook to push the asset tree to our Seeq server. However, when pushing the updated asset tree to the Seeq server I ran across this issue. Please see below:


There are occasions where there are signals with the same name and when Seeq tries to find these signals it returns the first signal. This is an issue as in this case one signal is a numeric type and the other signal is a string type (the string type is the one I'm after) but do not know of a way to manipulate Seeq to get the second signal. Please see below for the signals:


When the asset tree is pushed, the signal within the tree is the numeric type.

What is a way around this issue? Do I have to manipulate the Seeq connector and add an additional query to handle these conflicts?


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  • Seeq Team

Hi Joseph,

If you look at the SPy Documentation under "Asset Trees 1 - Introduction", you'll see this comment when working with spy.assets.tree:

  • An optional ID column can help SPy find items from Seeq Server that don't have unique names.

Because you don't have unique names, you'll likely need to add this ID column to make sure you get the correct item. You can grab the IDs from the Item Properties for each item or by doing a spy.search on the items (https://seeq.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/141623511/Item+Properties)

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