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Move signal 90 minutes but put sample at specific time

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I have a signal for the production LAST hour. I want to create "Hourly production" from this. 

Since the samples in the raw data (below image) is not always right on the whole hour I want to use the value from this signal on the half hours and shift that value 90 minutes back to the previous whole hour.

So I want the value of the step signal below from 14:30 to be placed at exactly 13:00 in my new signal. And 15:30 -> 14:00 and so on.

How would i go about that?


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Hi Johannes,

maybe one quick way you could try:

First you can move the signal by a longer period than the 90 minutes to make sure the value of the signal is present at the timestamp of the whole hour. Here I used



Next you can resample the moved signal:





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