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Making templates in Organizer

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  • Seeq Team

Hi Emil,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will reach out to you to review the HTML you were trying to add as a template and revert back here with general learnings. Were you trying to insert javascript into the HTML after copying from Organizer?

Another approach could be to skip the text editor all together and use Data Lab. I've attached a notebook for Adding New Organizer Templates that you can upload to any project, update cell 2 with a template name and source Organizer URL, then execute. The Archiving Templates notebook may come in handy as well since you've got one that has issues.



Adding New Organizer Templates (1).ipynb Archiving Organizer Templates (2).ipynb

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Hi Joanna,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I copied the source code from the organizer (everything including and between the html-tags), and replaced " with '.

The use of Data Lab sounds much better for me, so I will try that today. Thanks 🙂 

Best regards,

Emil Thune

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