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What is the push count on a workbook?

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I am pushing 8 worksheets to a workbook and it is taking nearly 3 hours.  I notice the count is 321.  Is that what it thinks the number of worksheets is, or is it items, or something else? Regardless, this is a much higher number than I think it should be, which might explain why it is taking so long.



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  • Seeq Team

That's the number of unique items, and it includes lots of things:

- Worksheets
- Worksteps (these are the individual worksheet "states" that define the displayed items and all other worksheet configuration at a particular point in time)
- Calculated items (signals/conditions/scalars/metrics/histograms) -- this referred to as the "item inventory"
- Journal text
- Journal images

The things that generally take a long time are the Calculated items. You can try specifying `include_inventory=False` during your push to see if that's a lot faster.

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