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Total capsule duration when running during certain period

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Hi All,


I want to calculate total duration of running machine between strainer replacement.

I am trying with formula below but getting error.

$series.setMaximumDuration(500day).aggregate(totalDuration("h"), $capsules.setMaximumDuration(500day), startKey(), 500day).toStep()



Purple capsule is a running condition

Yellow capsule is a time range between strainer replacement

Red capsule is a strainer replacement period


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  • Seeq Team

Since you already have identified:

  • When the equipment is running (Purple Condition)
  • Time periods that you want to aggregate within (Yellow Condition)

We should be able to accomplish this with a single Signal from Condition, using the 'Equipment Running' condition as the selected condition, total duration as the statistic, and the 'Time Between Replacement' condition as your bounding condition. The setup should look something like this:


If you prefer to do it in formula, the equivalent would be:

$equipmentRunning.setMaximumDuration(500day).aggregate(totalDuration("h"), $timeBetweenReplacement.setMaximumDuration(500day), durationKey())

If you still get an error from that let me know what it is.

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