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Formula results refresh

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I write results of my simulation to historian and consequently I use them in Seeq as inputs for formulas. If I rewrite historian data (by running simulation again), then raw data in Seeq are reloaded, however results of formulas related to these inputs are not refreshed automatically. Only option I found is to change formula input to different variable and consequently configure correct input variable. How can I refresh formula outputs more efficiently?

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Hi Karol,

Results of calculations (formula, value searches etc) will always be cached by Seeq so that is why you see it was not refreshed automatically when there's a rewrite in historian data. To refresh the output, you need to clear the cache. In Seeq workbench, you can click on the Item properties of the signal, scroll to the bottom under Advanced and click "Clear Cached Values".


Do you always rewrite your historian data? If yes, then maybe turning off the cache is a better option. You can read more about Data Caching here.


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