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Rolling Calculation in Scorecard

Kim Price
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I am trying to use the calculated mean and 75th percentiles as scorecard metric thresholds.  I want to use the last 1yr average and 75th percentile but I do not want this calculating every day, so what I have done is this: 

Define periodic conditions: 
$Years_1 = periods(12months,1month,'2018-06-01T06:00:00','America/Chicago').inside(past())
$Monthly = months("America/Chicago").move(6h)

Take a monthly average: 
$Monthly_Avg = $Signal.aggregate(average(), $Monthly, durationKey(),1mo).tostep()

Output is the average over the year:
$Signal.aggregate(average(), $Years_1, durationKey(),1mo).tostep()

The challenge is that today is October 25 and the scorecard metric is only populating/showing coloring through September.  I have tried to extrapolate this value into the future with: 

.forecastLinear(1mo, 1mo)

None of these are working.  Please help!!

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