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Mol%, Vol%, Wt% Units of Measure

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I understand the difficulty in converting between these units within SEEQ since you need the entire composition to convert.  However, I would like to at least tag the signals as a mol%, vol%, or wt% and have the signal act as a general percentage.  Preferably this would be done with the Unit of Measure; however, is the only other option to include the percentage type in the signal description?



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  • Seeq Team

I agree with Nuraisyah on being able to utilize Custom Labels, though depending on the scale, this may not be very efficient. Also, if you move the trend items around to different lanes, then the Custom Labels will not follow the signals. 


Another approach you can consider, directly addressing your question of is the only other option to include the percentage type in the signal description? is to add the unit directly in the name of the item in parentheses upon creating in Workbench or in Data Lab. It's not the most ideal approach, but at least it is directly assigned to the item and is very findable/obvious.


An example of this is shown in the spy.push example notebook, but as I mentioned Data Lab is not required, you can essentially add anything to the Name of an item even in Workbench:


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Thanks to both of you.  I actually am doing a LOT of DataLab work and currently am importing CSVs into SEEQ with the the unit of measure in the name in parentheses.  Issue is SEEQ doesn't recognize (mol%, vol%, etc.).  So I'm currently doing it like shown above as just (%) and will likely just add the mol/vol/wt to the item name.  

The custom label would work, but I'm going to be building SEEQ dashboards for ~100 different customers across multiple technologies, so need a way to templatize it.  Having the custom axis label attached to the lane probably isn't going to work.  Thanks to both of you though!

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