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Swapnil G
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Hi all,

I want to create a time weighted mean for the following situation:

I want to display value of a signal in table form that aggregates values starting from 8am in the morning and averages the value live for 12 hours.

At 20:00, I want the previous 12 hours data to be zero and then restart the averaging of the signal for another 12 hours.


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Hi Swapnil, 

you can calculate the average for these periods using the runningAggregate function. I created the 12 hour periods with the following formula:

periods(12h, 12h, '2023-01-01T08:00:00', 'CET')

This condition is then used inside the aggregation of the signal:

$signal.runningAggregate(average(), $periods)

The result will be the average value of the signal that resets at the beginning of each capsule:

I am not sure what you want to display in the table? Just the last value for the current period?



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