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The ways to connect SeeQ server from python

Chris Kim
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I have tried to research about Connecting SeeQ server. So I have found below ways to connect

  • REST API: SeeQ server provides Swagger and REST API
  • Python libs: seeq and seeq-spy

At this point, I was confused what is difference between REST API and Python libs?

Both can approach to SeeQ server in different way. Is that only reason for providing those way?

Additionally, I'm very curious about seeq lib.

If the SeeQ server version is R62, Would I have to install seeq lib?

Cuz seeq document shows connection function only and there is no other functions in it but seeq-spy also has connection function included which is spy.login().


Thanks in advance.

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  • Seeq Team
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Hi Chris,

(I am assuming you are not using Seeq Data Lab, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Seeq's SPy library is recommended for Python scripts, as it contains higher-level functions for common use cases, and it employs Pandas DataFrames as the primary data structure for input and output. seeq-spy is a "wrapper" around the seeq REST API Python SDK.

To use SPy in Seeq Server R62.0.9, first install the seeq module like so:

pip install seeq~=62.0

Then install the latest version of SPy:

pip install seeq-spy

Then use the documentation for SPy found here:


Edited by Mark Derbecker
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