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Invert signal?

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I have engineers that want to see two signals that are inversely proportional to each other on the same lane, but with one of them going low (top) to high (bottom). 

So in the attached plot, we want the pink signal to match the shape of the other two. Other than altering the pink signal such that it is showing "negative" values, I can't find an easy way to invert an axis.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, David



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If you set your axis limits manually you can specify an inverted axis, however it looks like there's a bug where that results in the tick marks disappearing from the axis.

As an alternative, your idea of making the signal negative seems like a clever workaround. Taking it a step further, you could modify the number format of the negative signal in order to not show the (-) sign. For example, #,##0.00;#,##0.00


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