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Adjusting histogram timezone

Baishun Feng
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When I select time as aggregation type, it seems that the time zone in histogram is not the same as the time zone I used in the normal trend view. It seems that time zone in the histogram has a default value. But there is no way that I can know.

For example, I had some discrete signal, I want sum them by day, I use two methods, signal from condition and histogram.  But I can not get them follow each other. I even filter the signal to have it only to show a value a day. And found the aggregate from the histogram offsets. I think it is time zone setting that caused this problem. But I can't change the time zone in the histogram. Is there a way to do it?  For instance, as below picture shows, Nov 14th, the signal has only a sample value 9708.1s(blue bar), the signal from condition gives the right summation(yellow bar) at the correct time Nov 14. But histogram gives the right value but on the different day 13th. Even some time it can't provide the correct value.


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Hello Baishun,
You are correct. When using the Histogram Tool with the aggregation type "time," the timezone of UTC is used.  


One way to ensure the aggregation time fits your time zone is to create a new condition with your appropriate time zone from Tools > Identify > Periodic Condition.


Using this new condition, change the aggregation type in your histogram to Condition (instead of time). 



Let me know if this works for you. 
Best Regards,

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