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Histogram issues with "Day of Week" aggregation

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I have a strange issue when aggregating data in a histogram. I am counting the number of samples for a signal and aggregate by first using "Year" and the using "Day of the Week" as the aggregation type:


This gives me the following histogram with a count of 246 samples for monday in 2012:


But these data should belong to sunday. I set up another histogram using the following condition as the second aggregation type:



The result now looks like this (which is correct):


This is for the other days as well. Is there any way to get around this issue? Installed Seeq version is R21.0.40.01-v201812312325









Edited by Thorsten Vogt
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  • Seeq Team

You've found a bug! It's a two-fold issue

  1. The histogram is localizing the "day of week" labels using your browser's settings (The rest of the app is in English, but I infer your browser is set to prefer German)
  2. That localization code is treating the "start of the week" differently. Much of the world starts their week on Monday, others start it on Sunday, so there's an off-by-one error in looking up the proper label.

I've filed CRAB-14766 so that we can track this.

You've identified a creative workaround that sidesteps the bug. If your analysis can be done in English (US), changing your browser settings would also resolve it. 

Thanks for the question!

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