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Fill in missing data until new data appears.

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I am having an issue where seeq will stop providing data until a new value appears or after a certain time period, I have an asset tree set up  then I've transferred it to a table. I'm tracking when drains are open, so when the drain is closed the value is 0 which is good and when the drain is open the value is 1. I currently have the scoreboard with red values when the drain is open to indicate things need to be investigated, the only issue I run into is when that value is 1 and seeq stops reading data it will then show a value of 0 which I don't want cause the drain is actually open. I see a lot of formulas filling gaps but what I'm looking for is a formula to keep the last value shown when data is not being updated until new data is received/updated.  

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Hi Paul,

In R60+, you can use the resampleHold() function.  Here is a link to the Knowledge Base article.


If you are using an older version, you can splice a signal that is equal to the last value.  

$capsule = capsule(now()-7d,now())
$last_value = $signal.toScalars($capsule).last().tosignal()


You may need to modify how far back from now in your capsule definition to capture the last signal.

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