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Exporting Discrete Data to OData Feed

Alex Aydell

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  • Seeq Team

You can also convert your signal interpolation to step using the tostep() formula:


with 1 day being the max interpolation for the signal. You can make it longer or shorter according to the frequency of your signal. The step-interpolated signals can be exported to OData before the enhancement shared by Kin How above.

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Hi Alex,

maybe one workaround you could try is creating capsules for the discrete signal using $signal.tocapsules(). The capsules do not have duration, but will contain the value of the signal in a capsule property. Then export the Condition using OData and use the OData Capsule Summary Table Endpoint. I do not have Power BI, but when loading the data to Excel I can see the start of the capsule and the corresponding value. So this might be the information you can use.




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